Winston Hills has two 3-year-old groups, Blue and Green.

The groups operate for two sessions per week.

3-Year-Old Kindergarten Readiness

Beginning 3 year old kinder is an important time in a child’s life. For many children, it is often the first step being away from their family and home therefore we feel it is important to consider how best we can help make this experience, as positive as possible.

We believe there are a number of factors that need to be considered when thinking about a child’s readiness for 3 year old kinder. Age is one factor however even more importantly, we recommend looking at each child’s development and how they are able to cope in a social environment outside the family. Children will gain the most out of their kindergarten years and subsequent school years if they are socially mature and ready to cope with the expectations, learning environment and challenges that will be placed upon them.

Reflective questions when considering readiness for three-year-old kinder:

  • Will your child be able (with support) to say goodbye to you or the person bringing them to kinder and separate without a great deal of distress?
  • Will they be able to interact positively with others and find a sense of belonging within a group of 21 other children?
  • If confronted with challenges can they ask for help?
  • Are they beginning to share equipment and spaces with others?
  • Can they follow a basic routine and instructions?
  • Do they have the language and/or confidence to interact with both peers and teachers?
  • Can they concentrate for short periods of time at activities of interest and can they work towards completing small/simple tasks?
  • Are they beginning to show independence with self-help and toileting skills? For example, how confident are they in feeding themselves and going to the toilet unaided?
  • Are they able to help pack up and enjoy a song or story together with their friends?

When considering three-year-old kinder readiness please remember that beginning kindergarten is a major step in the education and learning journey. Readiness for kindergarten or school does not reflect parenting styles or the child’s intelligence; rather, it is based on their current development. If your child is not yet ready for kindergarten you might consider enrolling in one or more of the following alternatives to assist their development and growth of social skills:

  • playgroup
  • childcare
  • community activities, such as library story time sessions
  • occasional care
  • music groups

Indoor/Outdoor Program

Winston Hills Preschool provides a wonderful opportunity for children to choose whether they would like to play inside or outside. This provides children with access to a wide variety of resources, and allows them to pursue their interests, and explore and experiment with ideas.

This play develops children’s concentration, persistence, problem solving skills, independence, creativity and ability to negotiate relationships with peers.

During play, children are given the time and space to explore and formulate their own ideas. During this time teachers and co-educators sensitively observe and carefully choose the moments when they might subtly introduce an element which will extend the child’s learning and discovery.

Outdoors, children’s connection with nature is fostered. Children are offered all of the learning resources that are offered indoors such as art, blocks, books, puzzles, box construction and more, with the added bonus of being surrounded by nature.

“Children learn as they play.  Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”


Enrolments are directly through the Preschool via the application form 3-year-old Application Form

Children cannot commence 3-year-old Kindergarten until they have reached the age of 3 years (Children’s Services Regulations).

Winston Hills Pre-School will take enrolments for 3-year-old Kindergarten from 1 January of the year the child turns two years old.

For more information, please contact our 3-year-old Enrolment Officer.