Established in 1976, Winston Hills Preschool offers a sessional kindergarten program for three and four year children.   The early childhood years and the Preschool environment provide a unique opportunity to inspire and nurture active ‘learning through play’.

A warm and welcoming environment

At Winston Hills Preschool we aim to create a warm and welcoming environment where children develop a sense of belonging, feel valued and supported and build self confidence to develop to their full potential.  To support this, we provide a high quality education program suited to each child’s individual needs and interests.

We encourages children’s curiosity

We believe that every day is important in a child’s life and that we can introduce children to new ways of understanding their world by giving them a range of opportunities for developing social relationships.  We provide a program that encourages children’s curiosity, allowing them to play an active role in their own learning and experience self fulfillment.  This values the child as they are today and the adult they will become.

A perfect location with great facilities and community atmosphere

Nestled in the parklands overlooking Viewbank Reserve, Winston Hills is in the perfect location. We offer a spacious, natural and well maintained large outdoor area.  Our building has two open indoor areas with plenty of natural light, with a clear view of the playground.  The children are simply delighted with all the activities offered outdoors – a place where they can run, play and explore.  The outdoor area includes playground equipment, two sandpits, a board walk leading to a boat, swings and cubby houses, and includes an undercover area for the children to play in the wet weather.  Not to mention there is a vegetable garden, lots of paths to follow.

Winston Hills Preschool prides itself on its welcoming community atmosphere and encourages prospective parents/guardians to visit the Preschool, to see just how great we are.

Info pack for new and existing families

The 2019 Information Booklet contains a wealth of information for families attending the Preschool.  Everything from  time tables to tea times are covered and all families are encouraged have a look to make sure you are up to date. 

Arrange a visit

Please contact us  to arrange a visit